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Learning to Love our Loathed Selves

We often encounter clients who are so mired in self-hatred that our best efforts to support a sense of self-worth only seem to dig the hole of judgment and self-loathing deeper.

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Childhood Trauma – Retraining the Brain

Recent research finds that most areas of the brain are “plastic”, capable of reorganizing themselves, growing new cells and neural networks, and making other areas obsolete in response to experience.

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The Consequences of Childhood Trauma

Risk factors for disease, disability and early mortality are not randomly distributed. Research shows some of the worst health and social problems can arise as a consequence of adverse childhood experiences.

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Why Art Therapy Works

Art Therapy integrates psychotherapeutic techniques to enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages.

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Past Byron Clinic Workshops

Since 2009, Byron Clinic’s extensive professional development program has aimed to keep health care professionals skilled and up-to-date with current and emerging treatment practices.

  • Norman Doidge: 2016
    The Brain's Way of Healing
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: May 2016
  • Marsha Linehan: 2016
    Practical DBT Strategies
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2016
  • Bessel van der Kolk: 2016
    Resolving Traumatic Stress
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2016
  • Bill Miller: 2015
    Motivational Interviewing
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2015
  • Bessel van der Kolk: 2015
    The Body Keeps the Score
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2015
  • Marsha Linehan: 2014
    Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
    Sydney, Melbourne: March 2014
  • Bill Miller: 2012
    Motivational Interviewing
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: 2012
  • Bessel van der Kolk: 2012
    Frontiers of Trauma
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2012
  • Byron Clinic
    Past Seminar Workshops
    Australia: from 2009

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