Byron Clinic Professional Development

Professor Morris Altman

Behavioral Economics and Smart Decision-Making

In this workshop, Morris Altman introduces you to behavioural economics, a much more sophisticated, nuanced, and realistic approach to understanding how we make decisions.

Sydney & Melbourne: June 2017

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Alan E. Fruzzetti, Ph.D.

Treating Emptiness, Anhedonia, Relationship Chaos and Difficult Problems

In this workshop, we will focus on identifying and assessing these more diffuse targets, which are common not only in BPD, but also in related disorders.

Sydney & Melbourne: June 2017

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Pat Ogden PhD

The Body in Psychotherapy

Byron Clinic is excited to present Pat Ogden in Australia. Pat is a pioneer in somatic psychology and founder of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute.

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane: November 2017

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Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Traumatic Stress: Latest Developments

The author of the ‘bible of traumatic stress’, the bestselling The Body Keeps the Score, Dr van der Kolk will present the very latest clinical methods in the resolution of traumatic experiences and the restoration of self.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: December 2017

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Norman Doidge, M.D.

Latest Developments in Neuroplasticity

Join acclaimed researcher Norman Doidge as he explores the latest research into the brain’s amazing capacity to heal, and how to apply these discoveries to clinical practice.

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne: March 2018

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Byron Clinic News

Janina Fisher: Alienating Oneself

Janina Fisher explains “splitting” through developments in neuroscience and our ability as humans to dissociate from our emotions to build a more socially acceptable image.

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Marsha Linehan & Mindfulness

…the practice of living awake, with your eyes wide open; allowing the moment, the willingness to be alive to the moment and radical acceptance of the entirety of the moment.

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Past Byron Clinic Workshops

Since 2009, Byron Clinic’s extensive professional development program has aimed to keep health care professionals skilled and up-to-date with current and emerging treatment practices.

  • Janina Fisher: 2016
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2017
  • Cathy Malchiodi: 2016
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: November 2016
  • Marsha Linehan: 2016
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2016
  • Norman Doidge: 2016
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: May 2016
  • Bessel van der Kolk: 2016
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2016
  • Bessel van der Kolk: 2015
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2015
  • Bill Miller: 2015
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2015
  • Marsha Linehan: 2014
    Sydney, Melbourne: March 2014
  • Bessel van der Kolk: 2012
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: March 2012
  • Bill Miller: 2012
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: 2012

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