Alan Fruzzetti PhD on ‘Anhedonia’

Treating Emptiness, Anhedonia, Relationship Chaos and Difficult Problems

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy has been shown, in dozens of studies, to be very effective at reducing self-harm, suicide attempts, aggression, substance use problems, eating disorders, relationship chaos and distress. Training in DBT typically focuses on how to treat these “Stage 1” primary targets.

However, more diffuse problems can be more difficult to identify, assess, and target for improvement. These may include common problems in disorders such as feelings of profound emptiness, anhedonia, loneliness and relationship chaos and distress.

Alan Fruzzetti is coming to Australia in June 2017 to present series of two-day workshops in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. His focus will be on the identification and assessment of these more diffuse targets, which are common not only in borderline personality disorder, but in related disorders as well.

He will focus on how to use mindfulness skills in particular to treat these sticky problems. The workshops will include lecture, demonstration, and practice opportunities for participants.