Focus on the Crystal – Byron Bay Meditation, easy, calm relax from stress.

This 4 minute meditation is very easy just ‘Focus on the Crystal’ and ignore all distractions to achieve a calm and relaxed state in minutes – please let me know what you think – how did it work for you?

With all that is going on in our busy live’s it is difficult to find peace and tranquility. This four minute meditation represents our busy life twirling around. By focusing on the crystal we can center ourselves and find peace, calm and a relaxed state while the busy life twirls around us.

Acceptance is about accepting the moment and finding a peaceful state while our busy life twirls. Acceptance does not mean that you do not plan to make changes or that your situation is ideal. It means finding a peaceful space in order to evaluate calmly, take an objective perspective and make rational choices about your changes.

Find Peace, Love, and Happiness, through acceptance.