Dr Marsha Linehan 2016 Post 2-Day DBT Workshop Quiz

Marsha Linehan 2016 Post 2-Day DBT Workshop Quiz

Dear Workshop Attendee,

We are interested in evaluating the quality of our DBT training. We are also interested in finding out what you have learned from the workshop. With that purpose in mind, we are asking you to complete a pre-training DBT quiz prior to the start of the workshop today and a post-training DBT quiz at the conclusion of the workshop tomorrow. Comparing your answers will help us know what you learned by your attendance at the workshop.

We are also asking that you share some demographic information about yourself with us so that we can better understand who is attending the workshop and if our program meets the needs of those in attendance.

Your participation is voluntary. If you do not wish to take the quiz, that is okay. Your participation in the workshop will not be impacted.

Your participation is confidential. Your answers to the quizzes will be labeled by a random number, not your name.

We hope you enjoyed this training and we thank those of you who elect to take the quizzes!

Marsha & Katie

  • In order to match your post-workshop quiz with your pre-workshop quiz, please enter the same unique key that you previously used.